The Creation of John Grabowski

Mr. Grabowski was formed from the negative energy of retarded kids leaving class with paper. Grabowski decided that the only course of action for this situation was to establish e-hall pass, an evil white supremacist organization that denied black children the right to attend Champion High School. The man is truely going for world domination. He has plans to become to super intendant and will not stop there. Sure he might give a few snow days but that is not certain. When in his presence make sure to refer to him as "your eminence." If not done he will instandly warp you into the nether. He is a force to be reckoned with. 

His abilities 

This man has the power to instantly expel a kid from school. But fear not this can be counteracted by say the magic words "I'll kill myself."

One of his other powers is that he can instantly send you to the nether if your E-hall pass is either expired or if you don't have one at all

He has risen above all others. For when he becomes the superintendent he will have more power than what he ever did. His funding for his "projects" will increase dramatically 

Our eminence can also go even farther beyond. He can go ultra instinct. In this form he is invincible. He almost rivals shaggy in power. 

His final power. The strongest ability he has come to gain. He can instantly take over electronic devices. You may not think this is much but with this he will force E-hall pass and ed-cite on you. Study hall is a thing of the past.

He has killed God himself

His powers keep growing every day. They will be added as needed.

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